Just Apparel (JA) is an initiative of Natik, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

DSCF1590JA partners with indigenous artisan women in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala to produce traditional textile products, as well as customized, hand-embroided sweatshirts, polos, t-shirts, and tote-bags. We market these products as an ethically produced alternative to the goods that student organizations and companies in the US already buy in large numbers. In doing so, we connect artisans with a much larger market than they could otherwise find for their products, and we give buyers in the US an opportunity to express ethical commitments through their purchases.

Our Logo: Who We Are


The JA logo represents the Tz’utujil Mayan symbol a’joj, which means “us”, “this is who we are,” or “here we are.” Many of the most traditional guipiles (the intricate tops worn by most Mayan women) in Santiago bear this symbol, just as our products do. Placing a’joj on each JA product is a reminder to us and to the world of who we are and what we are striving to accomplish.

Community Investment

Because we care for the town of Santiago and believe it is important that the economic success of Just Apparel’s Partner Artisans benefit not only those few women, but their entire community, all profits from Just Apparel sales are designated to the Natik Secondary School Scholarship Fund. Thus far, the amount of profits has been small, but as far as we are aware, it is the first locally driven, locally directed source of funds to promote development in Santiago. Our artisans are proud of this accomplishment, and so are we.